Industries such as logistics trucking, rail, and public or private transit all share similar traits which would be drastically improved with BCS thermal barrier paint. They are slow-moving vehicles that operate in fluctuating year-round temperatures in changing environments over long distances. In many cases, these vehicles require a 360 climate-controlled envelope to ensure that their passengers and cargo such as perishable goods or climate-sensitive chemicals, gases, and other products are delivered safely. BCS also provides a waterproof barrier that eliminates corrosion rusting and premature decay by preventing condensation from forming on any surface where it is applied. This results in a better-looking vehicle that lasts longer and reduces the need for frequent fleet upgrades.

Where can it be applied

  • Engine compartments
  • Roofs
  • Floors
  • Sidewalls
  • Interiors
  • Exterior roofs
  • Underbody
  • Storage tanks petroleum trucks
  • >Minibus
  • Inner part
  • Metal Cabin
  • Cabs


    Advantages & Qualities

    Energy Savings

    Our technology has proven to reduce energy costs in most structures by up to 20 percent, which we believe can help to accelerate the world towards a more sustainable future


    BCS products contain rust inhibitors that extend the surfaces life expectancy

    Climate Shield

    BCS provides exceptional results against harsh weather conditions. The protective paint works as a shelter from direct sunlight. It protects the surfaces from atmospheric precipitation


    BCS prevents excess moisture while eliminating wall freezing and providing protection from condensation & mold formation inside the pipes


    BCS thermal paint does not let the surfaces/containers warm-up easily that has hot materials inside and protects from burns or heat injuries