BCS thermal barrier paint can be applied on the interior or exterior of any building, and on any surface where regular paint can be applied. It is an innovative solution for warehouses and greenhouses that require perfect climate control for the products and living plants that they house. When applied, BCS creates a thermal barrier that provides a 360 degree thermal envelope, that completely eliminates energy loss, and prevents cold or hot spots from occurring. It is also completely waterproof and prevents corrosion, water seepage, mold, rust and premature decay of your building. This results in a drastic 24-42% energy and cost savings, while keeping your products at a perfect temperature and raising the value of your building.

Where can it be applied

  • Double walls
  • Metal roof
  • Cavities of the building
  • Metal buildings
  • Interior surface
  • Floor
  • Roof deck
  • Steel structures
  • Walls.

Advantages & Qualities

Energy Savings

Our technology has proven to reduce energy costs in most structures by up to 20 percent, which we believe can help to accelerate the world towards a more sustainable future


The single coat thermal paint technique reduces the labor costs, conditioning expenditures, and time of work in comparison with other thermal barrier techniques

Climate Shield

BCS provides exceptional results against harsh weather conditions. The protective paint works as a shelter from direct sunlight. It creates a thermal barrier to maintains the internal temperatures of the buildings


BCS prevents excess moisture while eliminating wall freezing and providing protection from condensation & mold formation inside the pipes


BCS products contain rust inhibitors that extend the surfaces life expectancy


BCS thermal paint does not let the surfaces/containers warm-up easily that has hot materials inside and protects from burns or heat injuries