The product is applied in areas where extreme hot or cold temperatures exist. The state-of-the-art nanotechnology composition creates an ultra thin thermal barrier. For example, when applied to a boiler or hot pipes, the energy efficiency of the unit increases dramatically due to the fact that the unit no longer has to work as hard.


Application of BCS Thermal Paint decreases the additional costs of coatings. There are some precautions that need to be followed before the application procedure. The surface should be dry, clean, and free of any dust, oil, or visible particles. See the instructions sheet on product page for more information.

Please read all instructions on the label. Pay special attention to the thickness of the layer applied at one time and to the process of mixing the material, as well as the storage conditions. The product should be mixed well with a maximum of 150-200 rotations per minute before use.

BCS thermal paint products are safe for human health and the environment, but you must follow the rules specified in the product's instructions sheet when applying them.

The product service life is 10-25 years (subject to environmental conditions).

The shelf life of the product is 12 months.


Before applying, BCS products to brick walls, remove loose areas, fill and repair cracks, remove oily inclusions, restore the surface, including inter brick joints and fill with cement-plastering compounds. After the surface treatment, thoroughly remove dust with brushes or blowers. After dust removal, the surface must be rinsed with water to remove dirt, residual dust, etc. Wait until it dries completely.

With the correct thickness and type of coating and full compliance with the technological process BCS product eliminates condensation and creates conditions that block the formation of foci of mold. Fungus and condensation will no longer form.


Yes, BCS thermal paint is a dielectric. Components included in the BCS products reduce the components of the heat transfer coefficient and ensure good dielectric properties of the material.

Yes, BCS modifications have fire-retardant product. BCS Fire Retardant is designed to increase the fire resistance of steel structures and industrial and civil structures from 45 to 120 minutes.